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The 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa starts tonight with the opening game between South Africa and Mexico. Thousands of people around the world have been waiting for this kick-off.

It is a common knowledge that football has always become the obsession to many people in the world regardless of the gender but the fact that suddenly, the most unlikely people-who normally just describe a ball as a round object- have an opinion about the Mexico’s offside goal makes me wonder about few random things such as why suddenly everyone is a football fan? Is everyone is afraid of turning into an uncool person if he/she knows nothing about world cup even though the truth is he/she does really have no idea about football whatsoever?

OK, this piece is getting a little bit way too sarcastic, no offence. I mean no harm. I am just bored. Suddenly everyone is watching football and I have no idea why. I am wondering what does the real football fan think about this new instant pseudo- expert (is that even a word?) commenting about their favourite game? Do they feel annoyed? Because if someone who doesn’t watch F1 sitting beside me suddenly bitching about F1, I would feel like putting a sock into his/her mouth. Heh!

I don’t watch football. I admit that but I seemed to always know about a few random things especially when it comes to Arsenal and Liverpool because dad is a big fan of the Gunners and Abg Jan is a big fan of The Reds. They always message me and do the football talk with me as if I understand what they are talking about. Haha.

*this piece really sounds like a diary not an article and I don’t like it. Perhaps I have been reading too much of Vampire Diaries lately. Btw, the book is a little bit boring.


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