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The 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa starts tonight with the opening game between South Africa and Mexico. Thousands of people around the world have been waiting for this kick-off.

It is a common knowledge that football has always become the obsession to many people in the world regardless of the gender but the fact that suddenly, the most unlikely people-who normally just describe a ball as a round object- have an opinion about the Mexico’s offside goal makes me wonder about few random things such as why suddenly everyone is a football fan? Is everyone is afraid of turning into an uncool person if he/she knows nothing about world cup even though the truth is he/she does really have no idea about football whatsoever?

OK, this piece is getting a little bit way too sarcastic, no offence. I mean no harm. I am just bored. Suddenly everyone is watching football and I have no idea why. I am wondering what does the real football fan think about this new instant pseudo- expert (is that even a word?) commenting about their favourite game? Do they feel annoyed? Because if someone who doesn’t watch F1 sitting beside me suddenly bitching about F1, I would feel like putting a sock into his/her mouth. Heh!

I don’t watch football. I admit that but I seemed to always know about a few random things especially when it comes to Arsenal and Liverpool because dad is a big fan of the Gunners and Abg Jan is a big fan of The Reds. They always message me and do the football talk with me as if I understand what they are talking about. Haha.

*this piece really sounds like a diary not an article and I don’t like it. Perhaps I have been reading too much of Vampire Diaries lately. Btw, the book is a little bit boring.


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Ok. Last time I posted a picture of Schumi’s car with a word Malaysia on it. Now, I would like to show you the word 1Malaysia on the Lotus car as Malaysia is the owner of the Lotus f1 Racing team as well as the Lotus group which is based in England because Proton had took over Lotus in 1994  on the bankruptcy of its former owner Bugatti and Tan Sri Yahya Ahmad was the one who is responsible to ink the agreement. ( If i’m not mistaken he was the one who died in a helicopter crash a decade ago and also was one of the character in the novel Julia, the book we had to study for our Malay Literature during high school? )

Tony Fernandez (the Air Asia guy) is the team principal for the Lotus f1 racing team but he will be replaced by Riad Asmad, Lotus f1 racing CEO at the start of the 2010 season.

Problems for Trulli during testing session (Feb 26th) and he did claim that the car was 4 seconds off  the pace… I hope they can survive this season. All the best, Malaysia~ 🙂

Fairuz Fauzy driving the car during testing session at Barcelona~

Below are some pictures of Lotus road car~

Cool huh? and yes, Proton owns it~ 😉

I just don’t get it. If Proton owns it, why can’t they produce any car like this? hmmm~

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New F1 safety car~

omg! look at the car!

for god sake the car is going to be on track for only a few minutes before a race start and if only there’s any emergency during the race! I don’t think they need this kind of car. It’s a waste of money~

but yeah, no one can deny the fact that the car is super cool~ 😉

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