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This post will be as short as it can be because I have a thesis which is due this Tuesday as my supervisor is not going to be around starting next week. Ergo, I have to settle everything and get the approval signature the latest is by the end of the this week. Ok, enough about thesis.

This post is actually about the new drama series called Vampire Diaries. Frankly speaking I fall asleep watching the first few episodes. (but I think I fall asleep easily lately. Last week I went to watch My Name is Khan as my friend hasn’t watch it and I slept as soon as he got married. haha~ )

For the VD series, I could sense the resemblance between VD and Twilight. (the vampires even read twilight in the drama. haha~ ). As far as I am concern, if we’re talking about books, I think VD was published first as I saw few people reading it back at school and like Gossip Girl, the storyline is a bit different from the book.

Briefly, “The Vampire Diaries” centers on Elena (Nina Dobrev), a 17-year-old high school student who was recently orphaned. Returning to school and trying to get back to having a life, she meets new boy in town Stefan (Paul Wesley) and flirting ensues. Once all the I-love-you-but-I-can’t-be-with-you-because-I’am-a-bad-guy crap is over, the pilot is starting to be entertaining enough but what I like the most about this drama is Stefan. Haha. I swear to God I would do anything to have him look at me the way he look at Elena. I know most of my friends fancy his brother Damon (Ian Somerhalder) more and yeah I would admit physically yes Damon is much more handsome but again, i always suck at defining the word handsome. haha~ The way he speaks and protects Elena is very gentle that it is so breathtaking. Besides, he got all the muscles and if you find Jacob is so sexy with his 6 packs, wait until you see Stefan. Haha~

Besides my obsession with stefan, I love some of the songs played in the drama. I keep on playing it on my laptop and my favourite is the Cut by Plumb from the Chaotic Resolve album. I just can’t stop humming it. (It has nothing to do with the scene that accompanied the song ok. haha~ :P). If you’re interested with all the songs too, you can download it here.

In short this drama is a bit typical when it comes to the plot and you can actually guess the storyline but I can’t resist watching it because I am falling in love with Stefan. haha~ (i’m shocked to discover that he’s single. huh?! don’t tell me you are gay. Am I the only person in this world who find him handsome? haha~)

P/s: don’t bother with the grammar please.


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Thanks to my housemates, I am now following an interesting Malay TV drama, called Nur Kasih. I don’t know why all of the sudden this series catches my attention. During the one-month holiday last August, I didn’t show any interest to it but now when watching Malaysian drama is almost impossible if you don’t have any internet connection, I suddenly can’t stop myself from downloading it every dawn when every one is still in their deep sleep. (it’s the only time where the internet connection is fast. Sigh~)

I can’t bring myself to answer the question why this series is different from any other series but one thing I do realize is this drama speaks to me in a way that regular speech never could. It evokes a response from me and every time I finish watching, it gives me warmth, comfort and understanding that I can never find with people.

The story is about a family of a dying religious man who has two sons of opposite personality – one is obedient and very religious while the other is stubborn and never a good muslim. Thus, before he died, he wanted to do something to save the devil. To do so, he asked the devil to marry a woman, Nur Amina which he believes is the perfect woman that will bring his son back to the correct path in becoming a good muslim. He said, “Adam perlukan isteri seperti Siti Khadijah” but Adam had had a girlfriend waiting for him in Australia while his brother, Aidil had a crush on Nur Amina and Aidil said there’s no such thing as forced marriage in Islam.

Thus, trying to spare you from the whole story, I suggest you guys watch it on your own. If you’re a fan of  Ayat-ayat Cinta, I bet you’ll like this drama too.You can watch every episode of Nur Kasih at TV3 official website, or download it here.

p/s= I’m not an avid reader of English book (or any book perhaps) during the holiday. Thus, my english’s gonna suck for a while. Yes, I do realize it.

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New Moon Official trailer.

P/s = Kristen stewart looks prettier than last time. Robert Pattinson? hurmm~ i dun like his personality though I do admit he is handsome sometimes. haha~ Can’t wait to see this movie even though out of all those 5 books, this  is the book that I like the least but I like the ending, especially the parts where Edward tries to save Bella from Jane and the part where he convinces Bella that she is awake.  Hopefully they make it into the movie. 🙂

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Brothers & Sisters

Brothers & sisters does not seem to be the center of attention to most of the people that I know like other tv shows such Gossip Girl, 90210, Prison Break and etc. Believe me, I went into this tv show with pretty low expectations last summer after it has been recommended by my housemate’s little brother because I never heard about it before but was pleasantly surprised with the level of entertainment provided. No, entertainment is not the correct word because the show is more than mere entertainment. It vividly portrays a life of a big family which is inwardly composed of an overflowing love, compassion and understanding even though they fight a lot among themselves. And it’s not a sweet, syrupy melodrama but genuine because you can experience the script writer’s imaginative empathy with his subjects. The emotional carnage is pretty enthralling to catch up for which you’ll become incapable to dissemble every time it touches you.

The show is centered on the Walker family which included father William (Tom Skerritt), mother Nora (Sally Field), and their five grown children – Sarah (Rachel Griffiths), Kitty (Calista Flockhart), Tommy (Belthazar Getty), Kevin (Matthew Rys), and Justin (Dave Annable). All of them believe that they’re the most dysfunctional family in the America, fighting over and over whenever they meet but when one of them is in a deep shit as they succumbed to very human flaws and temptations, they stick together regardless, honoring the institution of family- something that I find extremely rare in present incarnation.

For example, when Tommy’s wife, Julia wanted to get pregnant but Tommy was infertile, both Kevin and Justin stepped up to the plate even though both of them were terrified with the idea of having a son/daughter but for their brother’s sake, they are willing to do whatever it takes for him to be happy and in season 3, the little baby’s liver failed and the biological fathers ( trying not to be a spoiler here because until this season, neither knew who is the biological father) had to sacrifice again by donating some of his liver.

Thus, if you haven’t watch any episode of it, I suggest you to give it a chance and I’m pretty sure that you will become a fan quickly. Besides, the show also provides us with a wonderful talented casts and cool quotes which make it even more delightful to watch.

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