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The 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa starts tonight with the opening game between South Africa and Mexico. Thousands of people around the world have been waiting for this kick-off.

It is a common knowledge that football has always become the obsession to many people in the world regardless of the gender but the fact that suddenly, the most unlikely people-who normally just describe a ball as a round object- have an opinion about the Mexico’s offside goal makes me wonder about few random things such as why suddenly everyone is a football fan? Is everyone is afraid of turning into an uncool person if he/she knows nothing about world cup even though the truth is he/she does really have no idea about football whatsoever?

OK, this piece is getting a little bit way too sarcastic, no offence. I mean no harm. I am just bored. Suddenly everyone is watching football and I have no idea why. I am wondering what does the real football fan think about this new instant pseudo- expert (is that even a word?) commenting about their favourite game? Do they feel annoyed? Because if someone who doesn’t watch F1 sitting beside me suddenly bitching about F1, I would feel like putting a sock into his/her mouth. Heh!

I don’t watch football. I admit that but I seemed to always know about a few random things especially when it comes to Arsenal and Liverpool because dad is a big fan of the Gunners and Abg Jan is a big fan of The Reds. They always message me and do the football talk with me as if I understand what they are talking about. Haha.

*this piece really sounds like a diary not an article and I don’t like it. Perhaps I have been reading too much of Vampire Diaries lately. Btw, the book is a little bit boring.


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It is unclear what the formula one holds for a girl who is afraid to even drive a car and cross a road like me. My brothers always teased me by asking me not to go around telling everyone that I am a big fan of Michael Schumacher while driving as they said it was an insult to Schumi. Ceh!

As for me, there is only one reason for liking formula one; the technology.

Alonso was quoted saying,

“This is Formula One. This is about technology, how precise everything works together from driver, engineer, down to mechanics. This is Formula One and not Cirque du Soleil. If people want to see extra show interludes they probably should reconsider if they want to watch Formula One.”

Oh no! I am quoting Alonso! I couldn’t believe I just did that. Haha~

I do watch other sports too like epl, tennis and badminton as dad loves all those sports. In fact it was dad who first introduced formula one to me when Sepang was first built in 1999 but a few years later he regretted of doing so because I have become way too fanatic with this sport. Haha~ ( abah, I think you have grown too fanatic to Arsenal too~ =P)

For me in Formula One, it’s not the face but the skills that take my breath away, (but some of them are really handsome), it’s not the speed but the technology that accelerates the car that glues me to the sofa in front of the tv. (the speed terrifies me. . 350 kmph? God! Yet, they are organizing a drive save campaign. *rolling eyes*.), it’s not the matter of who won the race but who improves the most is the thing I’m looking forward to see in each race. (but of course I am hoping Schumi to win the race) and it’s not the car but the things they did to the car to win the race that gripped me. (I know Schumi’s Mercedes but I can’t deny that deep inside me I wish Ferrari is the team that I’m supporting. sigh)

In Formula one, everything is so high-tech. Sometimes, if they are forecasting the rain to fall in 3 minutes, it really rains at the end of the 3 minutes. Whoaa~ But of course there were times when they were wrong too. After all, they are just human…

Even though most of the times I know nothing about the car especially when it comes to its specific part, I am still so proud to be part of this high-tech sport and listen to them talking about development and technology. It’s so fascinating to actually realize how fast human can think and develop a new technology if they really have a real motivation to do so. In every race, when they discover something is amiss or has gone haywire, they react to it within a second. That is the most interesting part about Formula One that I love- the ability to think & change fast in order to adapt with the situation. I really wish I’m capable of that too in managing my own life~

p/s = I know something is wrong with the language but my brain is not functioning well these past few days. I have no idea what went wrong with my brain. It’s getting way too soggy and sluggish that I’m already kinda starting to get so piss off with my very own brain. Perhaps it’s time to try the head banging maneuver?

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Ok. Last time I posted a picture of Schumi’s car with a word Malaysia on it. Now, I would like to show you the word 1Malaysia on the Lotus car as Malaysia is the owner of the Lotus f1 Racing team as well as the Lotus group which is based in England because Proton had took over Lotus in 1994  on the bankruptcy of its former owner Bugatti and Tan Sri Yahya Ahmad was the one who is responsible to ink the agreement. ( If i’m not mistaken he was the one who died in a helicopter crash a decade ago and also was one of the character in the novel Julia, the book we had to study for our Malay Literature during high school? )

Tony Fernandez (the Air Asia guy) is the team principal for the Lotus f1 racing team but he will be replaced by Riad Asmad, Lotus f1 racing CEO at the start of the 2010 season.

Problems for Trulli during testing session (Feb 26th) and he did claim that the car was 4 seconds off  the pace… I hope they can survive this season. All the best, Malaysia~ 🙂

Fairuz Fauzy driving the car during testing session at Barcelona~

Below are some pictures of Lotus road car~

Cool huh? and yes, Proton owns it~ 😉

I just don’t get it. If Proton owns it, why can’t they produce any car like this? hmmm~

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New F1 safety car~

omg! look at the car!

for god sake the car is going to be on track for only a few minutes before a race start and if only there’s any emergency during the race! I don’t think they need this kind of car. It’s a waste of money~

but yeah, no one can deny the fact that the car is super cool~ 😉

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they said that is schumi but i thought schumi’s official helmet is supposed to be something red/scarlet/orange? but what I wanna show here is not the helmet or schumi but the word ‘Malaysia’ on the car’s body as petronas is the title sponsor of Mercedes gp. It looks and feels like as if Malaysia owns that car. haha~

Suddenly, betraying Ferrari and sticking to Schumi sounds like a very good decision~ 🙂

p/s: can’t wait to see Malaysia’s first ever F1 team, Lotus to launch their car. What’s with the delay, man? Everyone  has been on track pretesting their own car. Hurry up!

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After not watching formula one for a few months due to final exams and etc (the last was the one when massa hit his head and went into coma for a few days) , I was so shocked to discover that I’ve been missing out on a lot of stuff.

While watching Singapore GP, I was so thankful to find out that Fisichella was brought in for the rest of the season from Force India to replace Luca (no offence, he might be one of the best test driver but he’s a terrible racer. I’d say that career path is out for him unless he improves himself.) but I wonder what will happen to Fisi when Massa recover from his injury, owing to the fact that Ferrari now has 3 drivers to be fitted into only 2 cars. In my humble opinion, he was doing just fine in Force India before jumping into Ferrari. Maybe the car and the salary are not as good as to what Ferrari has to offer but at least, he will be racing in every circuit and improve his skill. Isn’t that the most important thing– being able to compete in every race?

But this post is not so much to talk about Fisi. I don’t know much about Fisi and I will let others who know him well to talk about it. Rather, I am concerned about Kimi’s fate in Ferrari and formula one. Much has been said about the termination of the Finn from Ferrari even though he still has 1 year contract left next season to allow Alonso to step in into the red family and on Wednesday, the news reported that Ferrari has reached an agreement to sign Alonso for 3 years to replace Kimi starting next season and Kimi was expected to return to Mc laren but he who was unexpectedly emotional when speaking about it in the Suzuka paddock on Thursday, remained pretty tight-lipped about whether the rumors are accurate.

When Ferari first sign him in 2007 to replace Schumi, I was so pissed with Ferrari that I stop watching formula one for more than a year because he is not friendly as what they’d nicknamed him – iceman. But later, I can pretty much understand his attitude- he is a kind of person who doesn’t give a damn thing about other thing than his job. He doesn’t like to take a few minutes waving his hand to the crowd so that people will like him or care whether he has a fan or not. He only focuses on his racing job. Yeah, it’s a bad PR but at least he doesn’t cause a scene like Alonso and Hamilton when they were teammates.

Besides, there has been rumor going on about Massa too which said that he may not be fit enough to return to racing next season, in which case, releasing Kimi might have proved premature but Domenicali dismissed this.

After all, Ferrari is expected to make an official press statement this weekend, after Sizuka GP. Let see if all the rumors are accurate  and I would like wish all the best to Kimi.

Here is the interview about Kimi when they ask him about the current situation :

Q: Kimi, you had good times at Ferrari, won a championship and now it’s all over. How do you feel about that? 
Kimi Raikkonen:
Well, let’s face it, in the end I have achieved what I wanted – I’ve won a championship. I’ve worked with them for the last three years and now things have changed. It’s not the first time that it has happened in Formula One and surely won’t be the last time. That’s all I want to say.

Q: But how did Ferrari convince you to end the relationship. You had a contract for 2010 with them? 
There are many reasons. You should ask them. But in Formula One, even if you have a contract, there is always a lot of money involved, so there can always be different options in life. That’s obviously what happened. Sure, there is not only one reason for what has happened, that’s why everybody decided to end up in this position. 

Q: You had a contract for next year and have done your best over the last three year, winning one championship. Do you feel you’ve been unfairly treated? 
I’m still happy with what I’ve done and I think I will have a good future. Sure, if you sign a contract you finish it, but obviously it didn’t work out. Overall I’m okay with it. 

Q: How long ago did you know you won’t race for Ferrari in 2010? 
For quite a while now. 

Q: Are you okay with the solution you’ve found? 

Q: There are a number of options open to you for the future. One of them is returning to McLaren. Could you imagine going back? Would you enjoy it there again? 
I have nothing bad to say about them as we always had a good relationship, and of course it’s a chance. But honestly I haven’t thought too much about these things, but in time I will make my decision. I will let you know! 

Q: Are you a bit frustrated with Ferrari this season? 
I don’t think anyone expected Ferrari to have this kind of season, which turned out to be so difficult. But this can happen in Formula One sometimes, when you don’t deliver a car capable of getting us to the front, but this is just one year and we will wait and see what happens next. 

Q: Renault said that they will make their announcement next week. Could they be an option and have you talked to them? 
No, not with them. 

Q: If you could do it all over again would you do anything differently? 
Would I have made different decisions? No. I am happy about what I have done, but sure if you look back in hindsight you probably would have done different things. But that’s easy to say afterwards. Regarding my contracts, no I would not have changed anything. 

Q: What did you give to Ferrari and what did Ferrari give to you in the last three years? 
I’ve achieved with them what I always wanted to achieve. We had good times, of course, but we also had difficult times. But that’s part of the whole business. Sometimes you have good moments and sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and carry on. Overall I have happy memories of my time with the team. I have won a championship and the team has won two. That is something that nobody can take away. 

Q: You have seemed to have had ups and downs. Did you always give 100 percent or have there been moments where you lacked motivation? 
No, there has never been a lack of motivation. All the stories came from the media – basically you guys. I never had any motivation problems. Sure if you have good results life tends to be easier, but then these things happen. 

Q: Many times before you’ve said that Ferrari will be your last team. Have you changed your mind or were you forced to change your mind? 
Like I said, there have been many options around and what happened now is just one of them. I think in the end I am happy with what happened, otherwise I would not have done the deal with them. For the moment I have not decided if I want to continue racing, or what I want to do. Before I had a contract for 2010, now not anymore. That changes things. Maybe I’ll race, maybe I won’t. 

Q: What are the chances of you going rallying now? 
There is chance, but there is also chance of racing in Formula One. For sure I will decide before the start of the next season what I am going to do. 

Q: Did you ask Ferrari why Fernando and not me, or why Felipe Massa and not me? Did you get a satisfying answer? 
I know more or less the reasons and it has nothing to do with my racing or anything I’m doing in the team. It’s just purely another reason. 

Q: How much has your departure to do with the arrival of Santander? 
For that you’ll have to ask the team. 

Q: Wherever destiny takes you, do you hope to fight with Fernando for another world title? 
If I decide to go with a team next year, I am surely not going with any of the small teams, as that will never give me the chance to fight for the championship. And if I’m not able to fight for the championship, there will be no reason for me to be in Formula One.

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After a few weeks of alternating no and yes, finally Michael Schumacher has concluded that his neck is not up to racing in Formula One and Ferrari has announced that Luca Badoer will drive the car instead. From the point of view of a bystander to the whole thing, I think that Schumi doesn’t want to do the come back from the beginning but was reluctant to make the decision because of the strong relationship with Ferrari.

When I went to Maranello Wednesday after Felipe’s accident I knew what were going to talk about with Stefano (Domenicali) and chairman Montezemolo. In the beginning I was more tending towards a ‘no’, but you all know Montezemolo and how good he is in convincing people. He’s a great friend of mine and we really agree on most things: so he managed to convince me.”

Despite of feeling disappointed of not having the opportunity to watch him race again just like the old days, I think he has make the correct decision. Even though I don’t know who is Alan Jones but many people did say his brief come back in 1983 and 1985 did him no favours. And thus, I think the same goes to Schumi. Due to the lack of training and preparation, I can’t see if there’s any chance of him beating the current crops even though he did say  “A driver will never loose his competitive spirit”.

As for Luca, he is the Ferrari’s test driver since 1998- that’s such a long period of time but he has never once race in Formula One. I don’t know if he is the suitable substitute but as long as it’s not the snobbish Alonso, lets have a little faith in this young man, Luca, people. 🙂

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