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Rich and Poor.

She came back from some rural places and told him a story about the houses which lack even basic amenities and he thought she had become too comfortable with her life that she wasn’t capable to live a life without the presence of an air conditioner, a washing machine and the cable tv anymore. No! That was not her intention. She was just trying to tell him about the existence of the poor in this developing nation. She was too amazed to encounter that even in this developing country, where social living status is increasing every day, there’re still people who live with just the basic. But unfortunately, he gets her wrong. And so, the situation warrants her a history lesson, the same story that she has been listening for her entire life.

He talks about his life as a kid where his father was just a truck driver but he and his siblings all now has become the successful person. He told her about how he used to sell noodles at school and give tuition to his friend just for some pocket money. He said, she should be grateful because she just has to open her mouth and ask if she wants anything. He said he was the poor kid while she was the rich kid.

But, she doesn’t think so. She may has anything she want but while other children received 1-2 bucks per day for pocket money, she only has 20 cent in her purse. She still remembered asking him why she only get 20 cent? – which is what he got when he was a little kid. Doesn’t he know that the era has changed? But he told her that she already got everything, she didn’t need anything to buy anymore and that 20 cent was not a pocket money. It should go straight to her piggy bank.

She never understood about that idea until she finished her secondary school. She always thought she was the poorest among her friend. She couldn’t figure out why a daughter of a manager only got 20 cent per day while a daughter of just a clerk got 2 bucks? That is not fair at all.

But he was just trying not to pamper her so much so that she would not depend on him too much because he was afraid if something starkly happen, she won’t be able to cope with the living. He wants her to become conscious of the reality as well as the associated responsibility that comes with it as his favorite quote is, “Life is a roller coaster, today we may be on top but who knows what will happen to us tomorrow.”


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I now understand more or less about life and death of a human. Though I think it is still unclear whether it’s a correct decision for me to subscribe to medicine, it is nevertheless enlightening to know how our own body evolved from a simple form such a cell to a more complicated one.

Early this year we have been exposed to a new subject called Thanatology which derived from the Greek language, Thanatos which means the personification of death. It’s a study of death among human beings and it describes bodily changes that accompany death and the after-death period.

Studying about this giant makes me feels small. Not only do they make me realized that human is so fragile that almost everything can cause death even our own body, they had given thought to many other things which I have yet to think independently. They also had provided me with a thought that if it’s our time to die, we can’t escape it no matter how hard we try and vice versa.

It’s nothing less than shocking to me when I began to comprehend the gravity of this idea. It makes me think of my own death and my love one’s. I admit that I was so busy trying to breathe in this world that the ferociously idea of death didn’t really crash down on me before this.

I still remember when I was a little kid there was someone in my neighbourhood who died when he was in deep sleep. Since that day, as naïve as I was, struggling to understand that at the moment, I refused to sleep, afraid that if I fell into a sleep I might die like the old man and I think it was that time that I started to learn how to have a night without a sleep.

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“The difference between perseverance and obstinacy is that one comes from a strong will, and the other from a strong won’t.”

The above phrase is quoted from Henry Ward Beecher.

We grow up with a lot of quote such the above because we always like to think that our conscious will is the master of our destiny but I think the truth is otherwise. A strong will alone without a rigorous self-discipline can bring us to nowhere. Every single things in this world needs discipline.

The very obvious example is the New Year’s resolution. Every year, we make a bunch of promises to ourselves but do we really stick to those lists? There are so many people out there who make them at the New Year eve and subsequently break them before the end of January. What a stupid way to start a year but we all did it. For every start of the semester, I always promised to my self that there’ll be no more last minute study but we always forgot what we always promised as we live through our life and the worst part of it is that we make a lot of excuses such as busy, not enough time and etc so that we won’t feel guilty and the blame is not on us. The truth is most of us can actually follow through on our promises to other people but few can be sure that they will do what they have promised themselves because when it involves other people embarrassment is a powerful motivator which comes into play.

Yes, without a will, there’ll be no such thing as a plan to change but without a self-discipline, the plan won’t last that long. Self-discipline is the power that we require in order to do what we’d had decided whether we feel like doing it or not. Don’t expect good things to drop into our lap unless we are prepared to do whatever it takes to get them like what Jim Rohn had told us:

“Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion.”

Ergo, whatever our goal is, a strong will and a rigorous discipline are the two key elements that should coexist or else the goal is just another big tease.

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The above phrase is a translation of ego sum rex Romanus, et supra grammaticam, uttered by the Holy Roman Emperor, Sigismund at the Council of constance 1414, to a prelate who criticized his grammar.

First of all, no one is above grammar but what I really want to point out here is how condescending we are as a human sometimes. There are a lot of people out there who always feel superior and do something despite regarding it as below one’s dignity. The very obvious example is the United States of America but again, I am not to talk about US and its military activity whatsoever.

I often meet people who treat other people condescendingly and I think they are far too much. No body is better than everyone else around them and as I always say we all are just the same human being. For example just because you’re a lawyer, it doesn’t mean that you’re better than a bar tender. Maybe the bar tender is not lucky enough as the lawyer to have the opportunity to further his study or he got the opportunity but finance had halted his journey of becoming a lawyer.

This post is not a response to any event of my life but just a reminder for me that there should be no such things as condescension in this world. I hate to see the strong bullying the weak. Aren’t the strong supposed to protect the weak? And what makes me angrier and don’t understand is that the weak is obeying the strong willingly. God, what has the world turn into? The weak is paying the strong some respect even though there’s just a minute difference between them!

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