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It’s true that a lot of Muslim nations hate Israel but rarely have Israel’s actions compelled several important countries which it maintains good relations with to speak against it. But recently, its foreign and military policies are increasingly unacceptable, appalling, immature and short-sighted.

Less than a decade ago, a twenty three-year-old Rachel Corrie, from Olympia, Washington went to Gaza for peace activism reasons but she was killed on March 16, 2003 by the Israeli military using a Caterpillar D-9 bulldozer, a vehicle especially built to demolish houses. (3 decades ago, her father used to drive the same bulldozers in Vietnam for the US army). But the Israeli military said it bears no responsibility for Corrie’s death by claiming that they had not seen her and had not intentionally run her over. The Israeli military even has a nerve to accuse Corrie’s action as ‘illegal, irresponsible and dangerous’. Due this incident and mostly because she was an American, her death attracted the kind of attention to the world especially in the US that the deaths of Palestinians fail to garner.

Another example of Israel attempt to shoot itself in the foot is the assassination of Hamas leader, Mahmoud al Mabhouh in Dubai carried out by the Israeli secret service, MOSSAD. In this incident, Dubai police was reported saying that at least 11 suspects in the January 19 killing of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh used altered British, Irish, French and German passports. As a result, the involved countries were angry that their passports were forged by these secret agents. Australia for example had moved to expel an Israeli diplomat after investigators concluded that Israel was responsible for forging 4 Australian passports that were used in the killing of a Hamas in Dubai and they said this was not the first time Israel had forged Australian travel documents. Moreover, Britain was also reported to have expelled Israeli diplomat after 12 fake British passports were linked to the assassination.

Furthermore, the recent attack on an aid convoy to Gaza by Israeli commandos looks to worsen those relationships even further. The flotilla was accused by Israel to carry sharp objects which I may say the most ridiculous and childish excuse I ever heard. The reality is shown in the pictures below.

where is the sharp object?

toys for the children

medical supply

wheel chairs


And the most disgusting news is that the Israel’s Defense Minister, Ehud Barak is putting the blame of the deaths of Gaza Flotilla on the organizers and the sponsors of the aid flotilla and accused them for being violent. (OK, define ‘violent’ because my definition of violent is completely the opposite of yours.)

p/s: The boycotting few Israel products won’t work. I am a bit skeptical about that. (after all, it’s not really a product of Israel). But letting the world know about the cruel and inhumane Israel, that will help the most and I may say a million thanks to Israel for its immature actions that had made everything easy for the world to see its true color.


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1. For further information, read here. The news is everywhere so I don’t feel the need to re-write it here.

2. The ships are in the international water for god sake! Israel army has no rights to stop or give any command to the ships.  Let’s hear what the world is going to say about this. Israelis are breaching human rights and international law and convention and it should warrant the world’s attention.

2. If we still remember, Saddam Hussein was executed because the world believed he had breached the human rights because he was said to have killed hundred of Iraqis during his era.  So, why on earth there is no one being executed this time?? Obviously someone should be blamed for all the deaths.

4. I just have 1 question to ask for any Israeli out there. , “what are you so afraid of the Palestinian that you don’t want them to develop at all and you keep torturing them?”. For any Israeli out there, please help me to understand this 1 particular thing. Palestinians have been giving in a lot especially their lands in order to stop the war but I can see that it’s not what the Israeli wants because the war never ends but getting worse.  Therefore, what else do you want from them?

5. I do believe not all of the Israeli is cruel, arrogant and inhumane as proved by this article. (or does he’s actually a Palestinian who works in Israel? (if you consider Jerusalem as a part of Israel))

6. there are few malaysians on the ships. hopefully everyone is safe. ameen~

p/s = While Flotilla is being threatened by Israeli pirates, CNN is airing a far more important story. “Pandas learn to live in the wild”. heh!

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The dawn of the 21st century disappoint some part of me growing up watching things like MegaStructures on National Geographic. I am not talking about the non-existence of flying cars crisscrossing the sky or using pill as a replacement for food. We did send a Malaysian to the space and build our own F1 car but many things remain out of this world.

None of the achievement matters if we could not change our own attitude. There were many times we heard someone said that if so and so did not exist, certain problems would go away but how many times did we hear someone did something to encounter the problem instead of grumbling about it?

The very obvious example that disgusts me is the sugar price issue. We blame the government for increasing the price of the sugar. But before we start grumbling, have we did some background reading? Did we ever realize that the sugar price per kilogram in Malaysia in 1989 was RM1.20 and the sugar price today is just RM1.45? If we were the sugar producer, would we be satisfied with the increment of only 25 cent after more than 20 years? Did we ever realize that the today price is artificially cheaper compared to the real price term because it has been subsidized by the government? If RM 1.45 was a real price, I bet Brazil who is the world largest  sugar producer will have to declare bankruptcy in no time. Heh!

I have no intention to talk about the sugar price here. It’s an outdated issue but certain people’s reaction towards it still surprised me until now.

What I would like to point out here is the fact that it would be much better if before judging who is right or who is wrong, if might say so, we understand first of why certain action is done or proposed. Suffices to say, there is always reason underneath every action and if it’s not too much to ask, could we please bear in mind too that it is impossible to please everyone even if that everyone is using adidas-impossible-is-nothing merchandise.

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Libertarian or hooligans?

Having read the news report of the massive protest against the controversial piece of legislation, the so-called ISA in Kuala Lumpur last week, I could feel nothing but ashamed to my own people. What the hell on earth they think they’re doing? But I believe, libertarians are clapping their hands as for them, this is the sign of transgression of the liberty. Notwithstanding the issue of the political motives behind the riot, even though i’m not a big fan of liberty, I do believe the concept of individual liberty per se is not harmful, but is abhorrent when it starts to interfere with others life. Whether it is oxymoron or not, one has to be mindful that they should respect others right to live peacefully too. Libertarians are not hooligans!

If they are such a pragmatic libertarian, they should have a clear aim, for which they engage themselves with a lot of involvement and credibility. They should be willing to compromise and the most important part is they are well-informed. I was wondering how many people in the riot last week really understand the concept of the so-called ISA and was hoping someone could interview them and ask what were they demonstrating for? I bet they will find a hard time to find the reasonable answer because unlike the “professional demonstators” which aim to make themselves heard in order to solve the problem, the hooligans upset the public order because they enjoy provocation and revolt.

For god sake, we are living in the world where technoloy is evolving each second but they opted to stay under the overheated sun of kuala lumpur, making some destruction to the country.  What did they get? As far as i’m concerned, until this second, the ISA is still there. What a hero. heh!

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war is everywhere

We talk and put too much concern about strangers a lot ( Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestin, Israel, America and etc ) and neglect to see what happen in front of us which I guess is much more important than the others especially when it involves the breaching of integrity and peace. I am referring to the huge dispute about the two political parties in Malaysia over the transfer of ruling party in Perak but I am not here to talk about those parties and speak legalese since I lack the skill to do so but what I wanna say here is it only takes a few stupid people to create mayhem in a crowd. Suffice it to say that the whole situation was a complete disaster.

Malaysia is all about democracy but what is democracy? Democracy was defined By Abraham Lincoln as the government, of the people, for the people and by the people and in my humble opinion, I do believe that most of the time, the electorate makes the decisions based on campaigns and propaganda instead of previous achievements and history. This is particularly apparent when certain parties collect support to force a general referendum as like what the oppositions are trying to do right now; calling for a support to start a vote which they believe would settle a lot of issues civilly. Why on earth do they have to act so difficult? They do prefer a formal vote of lack of confidence than mere stepping away from the position and stop playing havoc with the national integrity? Gentlemen, your action is full of paradox and ambiguity which is so unbelievable and selfish. Can’t you just accept it willingly with an open heart and skip the drama so that we can focus more on other crucial things such as the economic woes which is damping Malaysia at the moment? sigh~

p/s= I don’t have any intention to write about what actually had happen in Perak , so google it yourself ok. This is just my response to the current situation.

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why do they hate us?

Ramadhan has come…During independence day, a lot of people asked, what does independence mean to you…So, today I would like to ask, what does Ramadhan mean to you? As for me, of course I’m seeking for the Lailatul Qadar’s night. Lailatul Qadar’s night is the night where all our prayers will come true. Last year, for the whole Ramadhan, I wished for happiness and success in my life. Alhamdullilah, I think I got both of them already…My GPA is better than last year and I had a very sweet long summer… Thus, this year I’m planning to ask again for happiness and success as well as ‘ketaqwaan’. I think last year I’ve gone too far from being a good muslim… ( still remember I did post something about being a bad girl ?) So, this year I’m hoping I’ll become one of a good muslim or at least much more better than last year.

Talking about being a good Muslim, I was wondering why so many people in the world hate Islam or Muslim so much? I mean the whole world is experiencing the same thing If we do all those things according to what our Prophet and God ( Allah SWT ) asks us to do, I don’t think people will hate us. Islam loves peace but in the world today people judge us as a religion who loves to fight. Thus, my question is who should the blame goes? The people who start blaming us or those who started the fight in the first place?

Forget about Iraq, Iran or Afghanistan. Look at what happen in our own country nowadays. A lot of people had started to hate Muslim. Look at the BAR council’s meeting last few months. They were talking bad things about Islam. And despite trying to mend ourselves so that we’ll become a better Muslim, we fought! We said a lot of bad things and words to them like a child who had just lost a fight. When are we going to grow up? And I must say all those things that had been debated in the meeting are almost true but the question here is are they really a muslim or just born to be a Muslim without implementing Islam in their life? and yet we fight for them.. is it worth it?

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budget 2009

Here are some of the gists of the budget 2009 presented by Pak Lah yesterday :

1. Duty for a 20-stick pack of cigarettes is increased by 60 sen.

2. A pension not less than RM720 per month will be received by the government pensioners.

3. A special fund of RM25mil will be set up for victims of calamities such as floods and fire.

4. RM50mil is allocated to repair and build new houses specially for senior citizens, the disabled and single parents with many dependents as well as victims of natural disaster.

5. A free electricity for households whose their monthly electricity bills are RM20 or less.

6. A subsidy of RM180 per month will be given to civil servants of income of RM3,000.

7. Reduction by 50% of toll charges for all buses except at border entry points.

8. A sum of RM5.6bil is allocated for agriculture entrepreneurs.

9. RM14.1bil is given to the Ministry of Higher Education in order to improve the quality of learning at institutions of higher learning.

10. A bonus of one-month salary will be given to all civil servants.

* for a complete information, read it by yourself somewhere else ok .. 🙂 *

This 2009 budget covers at least RM207.9bil, which is 5.1% higher than 2008 and this year, Pak Lah’s trying to focus on 3 startegies ; to ensure the well-being of Malaysians. to develop a quality human capital and to strengthen the nation’s resilience.

Many people had voice their opinion on this new budget. Some said that the allocation is reasonable and better than last year but there were certain people especially the opposition who had condemned it.

Personally, I don’t know what to say. I’m not an economist but from my limited knowledge, I think the government has been too generous with all the rebates and etc. Wouldn’t it sound too much? I think the government has been pampering the citizen too much. I don’t think it’s a good idea to give some money to the citizen just to eradicate poverty. ( hey, I’m not trying to be ungrateful here. I for myself receive a full scholarship from the government but at least I have a 10-year bond with the government hospital as a payback. ) I think the best way to handle this issue is by providing them some job’s opportunities. And to do so, in my humble opinion, the government should focus more on attracting foreign investor to come to Malaysia. ( and for that reason, can the we have a stable politics? can the politician stop arguing among themselves? don’t you guys been studying that we need a stable politics in order to attract the investors?? even a primary school children know that..sigh~) Besides, we can also strengthen our economy by doing so. Blimey, money is not going to be enough no matter how much the government gives.

Well, after all, it’s just my two cents…

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