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This is our first holiday together since we become housemates. Even though there are certain things that we need to be adapted to each other personality but overall, the vacation was enjoyable and we’d had a lot of fun! =)


Actually, we never planned to go to Pangandaran at all. It was during fairuz’s birthday celebration, suddenly Fidut said they are going to Pangandaran this holiday and we all like, ” What?? Hey, that’s fantastic. Can we join? ” and after a definitely rush planning and trying to put the ideas to work in such a short time, that night, around 12.30 a.m, we departed from our house using 2 charted cars. There are 10 of us ; mE, fairuz, noddy, yani, asiah, nis, fidut, wang, adib and hanif. ( err.. the boys are not our housmate.,, obviously.. hehe..They’re our neighbours except hanif.)

It took almost 5 hours to reach there from our place and I almost puke. The roads are so small, dark and like a snake and the driver drove the car as if it’s sepang f1 circuit! I couldn’t sleep the whole night at all. Asiah managed to sleep tightly.. haha..

After the boys had checked-in ( they’re staying overnight but not us ), we went to the beach.The wave and tide are strong. Basically people do surf here not swimming. And fyi, this was the place where tsunami occur last year. Normally the wave can go as high as 6 m and they said it is good for surfing. err.. somehow, it sounds scary for us who dunno how to surf.. hehe..


After surfing for about 3 hours, we went to visit the island by boat. The island is so beautiful. I wish Malaysia will still have this kind of island ; no pollution, no development. Everything is so natural. Our next activity is snorkeling which is a very wonderful activity. This is our first experience and we love it so much even though, at first, we are so terrified with the ocean as all of us except noddy dunno how to swim. It took some times for us to love it but the experience to see the inner part of the ocean is so precious. And noddy once said, the view inside the ocean makes her realize how powerful is Allah. =) Subhanallah…


Basically our journey didn’t finish until snorkeling only. After that, we went to visit the caves. There are about 6 caves if i’m not mistaken. You may said that nothing is interesting in the caves. It’s just a cave but somehow i myself was amazed when i entered the caves. It’s totally different from Gua Kelam ( the only cave i’ve ever been before ). Here, the cave is not develop for tourism at all. It’s so dark. No lights, no path to guide you to walk. No safety measurements taken to prevent something bad from happening. It’s so natural. Inside the caves, we saw porcupines. They were so tame but of course we were so afraid to go near them. Besides, we saw some stalactite and stalagmite which had a shape like corn, women’s reproductive system, penis, “pocong” and many more. I didn’t see the ‘pocong’ as I was so scared. haha.. and for the penis, if you touch it with your hands, it will start to wet.. euii~ and the tour guide said, the women’s part had undergone menopause,so that’s why nothing happen when we touch it.. cehh!

At about 3 pm we went to our room, changed our clothes, took a shower, ate our lunch and pray. We went out again at about 5 for cycling and watching the sunset. Then, we had our dinner at one of the seafood restaurant there. The seafood was not that good. It’s not fresh at all but as all of us were so starving to death at that time, we just finished our dinner happily. We went home at about 9 p.m and by 1 a.m all of the girls were on their cosy bed already.. =) the boys are staying there for overnight as they were going to the green canyon the next day…

The holiday was so enjoyable and we gained new experience. It’s not something lame that people always do during their free time and we appreciate it so much.


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